We’ll rebuild and revitalize the Republican Party of Bexar County.

San Antonio plays a key role in the success of Texas and the Nation.
I am uniquely qualified to rebuild our Republican Party into a strong, vibrant, conservative organization prepared to guide the future of Bexar County with innovative solutions.

I Humbly Ask For Your Vote.

Bexar County needs strong, conservative, leadership. The Texas primary is March 5th and early voting runs February 20th – March 1st.

Training Members

Training Members of the County Executive Committee

We must work to grow and continuously train the County Executive Committee for the Republican Party of Bexar County.

Accessing Resources

Access Resource Center for the Republican Party of Bexar County

We will create an extensive resource center for the Republican Party of Bexar County.

Recruiting Candidates

Recruit, Train, Promote and Elect Qualified Conservative Republican Candidates

We will recruit, train, promote and elect qualified conservative Republican candidates.

Restoring Stability

Restore Financial Stability to the Local Party

I will balance the books and restore financial stability to the local party.

Let’s make San Antonio the best place in Texas to work, live and raise a family.

Kris Coons is a Lady of Action, Ready to A.C.T. for You!

I’m A Lady of Action: So Let’s A.C.T.

My dedication to Bexar County and service to the State of Texas speaks volumes to my character and capabilities.

Uniquely Qualified to Lead

I have a unique perspective that contributes to my multidimensional approach.

Ready On Day One

The Chair is a volunteer position and others who have held it have maintained their careers in other fields. Rest assured I will be focused on the duties of the Chair 100%. I am ready to hit the ground running on day one!

  • 40 years serving in Republican politics at all levels local and State.

  • 2 Gubernatorial appointments from Governor Abbott.

  • Texas Federation of Republican Women “10 Outstanding Women.”

  • Served 3 terms as President, Bexar County Republican Women.

  • Served as Finance Chair, Volunteer Coordinator and on every single Republican Party of Bexar County committees.


Thank you to the business and community leaders that support my vision for Bexar County. Because of you I am the most highly endorsed candidate in the race.

All Endorsements

April Ancira  |  Sandy Anzaldua |  John Austin |  Hon. Marialyn Barnard |  Norma Barloco |  Adam Blanchard |  Jillian Boldway |  Hon. Greg Brockhouse |  Sherrie Calhoun |  Charlotte Canaday |  Nancy Cardenas |  Suzanne & Rick Cavender |  Hon. Elisa Chan |  George Clouser |  Cheri & Rick Creekmore |  Sharon & Kenneth Dale |  Nina Danoff |  Trish DeBerry |  Jennifer & Jonathan Delmer |  Sabrina Drewry |  Becky Edler |  Marcia Felty | Ada Garcia |  Sylvia & Chris Gartner |  Patty & Steve Gutting |  Cheryl Hagenson |  Tracie & Jimmy Hasslocher |  Pat Hastings |  Elizabeth Hilburn |  Paul James |  Renee Jezek |  Hon. Kay Kellogg Katz |  Laurie Kabes |  Anita Kegley |  Anne Kippax |  Laura Kirby |  Jacqueline Klein |  Cyndi & Joe Krier |  Linda and Wally Kinney |  Hon. Lyle Larson |  Jim Lunz |  Thomas Marks |  Naomi Miller |  Lydia Mrzlak | Karen Murphy |  Linda Nealon |  Monica Neely |  Susan Nino |  Myrtle & Bob Parks |  Clayton Perry |  Chrystina Power |  Terri Richardson |  Natalie Skokan |  Kyle Sinclair |  Sue Solcher |  Hon. Lamar Smith |  Kristen & Dick Tips |  Connie Tree |  Judy Tyrling |  Suzie & John P. Walker |  Shirley Wills |  Carol Van de Walle |  Karla & Hon. Jeff Wentworth

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Thank you for your support, donations, and your vote.